Nieuwegracht 37



This is a wharf cellar of approx. 52 m2 in the center of Utrecht located on the Nieuwegracht. The wharf cellar is suitable for storage and use as a workshop / studio. According to the Building Decree, use as an office / living space is not possible.

The space has its own toilet and pantry.

approx. 52 m2 lfa

The yard will be delivered in its current state:
- toilet;
- pantry facility;
- sufficient electrical points.

from 1 February 2021, earlier in consultation.

Rental price
€ 800.00 per month to be increased with sales tax.

Service fee:
none, the tenant is responsible for the application and payment of utilities.

The destination of the object is 'Mixed-3', with the indication 'cellars'. The object may be used in accordance with the use permitted for the associated main building adjacent to the traffic destination, as well as if:
- social facilities;
- business services;
- companies that are part of the Appendix List of Business Activities and are designated as categories A, B1 and B2;
- workshops.

VAT levy
The starting point is a rental price charged with VAT. If a tenant does not meet the criteria set for taxed letting, the rent will be increased in such a way that the financial disadvantage that arises for the lessor is fully compensated.

Lease term
1 year, other terms are negotiable.

Rent payment
Rent to be increased with sales tax, per month in advance.

Rental price review
Annually, for the first time 1 (one) year after the rental commencement date, based on the change of the monthly price index according to the consumer price index (CPI), series for all households (2015 = 100), published by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

A bank guarantee or deposit in the amount of three months' rent tokens and service costs, plus turnover tax. This bank guarantee must be provided for the key transfer and must be issued by a bank institution recognized and established in the Netherlands, in accordance with the standard ROZ model 2018.
No interest is paid on a deposit.

Rental agreement
The lease to be drawn up is in accordance with the agreement established by the Real Estate Council in February 2015 and as used by the Dutch Association of Estate Agents NVM with the associated General Provisions.

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€ 800 per month

Business space

Business space - Business hall

Surface of industrial hall
52 m2
Toilet, Pantry

Business space - Office space

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