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Rijnvliet phase 6 | All homes are under option
Just like the previous phases, we are very satisfied with the outcome of the registration for phase 6. With a large over-registration, all homes are already under option. The reactions of the optants were therefore very positive. Because how nice is it when you hear that you are one of the lucky ones who has been assigned a home? That makes an impression! Talks with the optants will take place in the coming weeks.

Rijnvliet phase 4 and 5
Those who have been eligible for this phase too late can still move to houses in phase 4 or 5. Availability is limited, but a number of two-hairdressers and detached houses are still looking for enthusiastic buyers. Are you the buyer? Then quickly check the current availability on the project website

Westelijk van Utrecht is a unique neighborhood where you can live, work, do business and recreate perfectly. Living close to the city in a spacious house in a green and watery environment. In Rijnvliet, the New Garden Village, you will find everything you need, such as a primary school, a large sports park with football and hockey fields, (covered) tennis courts, a rugby club and a management. The large Strijkviertelplas with a nice swimming beach is very inviting. The green, extensive Maximapark, a hospital and of course complete shopping and leisure centers are also nearby. The Metal Cathedral is a truly special place, a cultural breeding ground at the intersection of ecology, art and society.

In Rijnvliet you can therefore recreate to your heart's content in every season. You cycle from the district in 20 minutes over the new Daphne Schippers Bridge to the city center of Utrecht. Or take the fast public transport connection, which will take you right into the heart of the city. There is a lot to do there for all ages every day. Utrecht is not only a city for almost all studies, but also very popular because of its beautiful old center where many and special shops can be found. Rijnvliet is centrally located in the Netherlands, making all major cities easily accessible. In a few minutes you are on the A2 and A12 to Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Arnhem or Rotterdam / The Hague.

This prime location is divided into various sub-plans, where Van Wanrooij Bouw en Ontwikkeling develops a total of approx. 500 homes. Despite the different houses, one neighborhood has nevertheless been designed. This is mainly due to the selected building material. For example, all homes are provided with hand-formed bricks in earth tones, orange, red and dark brown. Slate-shaped and Dutch roof tiles will be placed on the roofs. The houses are next to each other with different roof shapes, have spacious gardens and they connect with hedges and garden walls everywhere in the public area. The semi-detached houses are usually equipped with a brick flower box. The end homes of the rows have received extra design attention. The front facades with bay windows and extra window frames enliven the street scene, but also provide social control in the public area. With the various buyer options, you can further tailor the home to your needs. Your home, your home! A home that suits your way of life.

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