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Atmosphere and specifics

  • Very diverse and varies from working-class dwellings to houses in a more Tuindorp-like style.
  • Rivierenwijk is largely bordered by water: the Merwedekanaal and Vaartsche Rijn.
  • In the 19th century, the area consisted largely of factories, including related working-class dwellings facing the Vaartsche Rijn.
  • Housing development didn't start here until after the First World War. In the beginning the houses were meant for the upper working-class and built on behalf of the council and the housing associations.
  • The Kop van Rivierenwijk developed into a facility of the university with various laboratories, later supplemented with various training institutes. A large part of that was demolished in the 1990s and replaced with apartment buildings and small businesses.
  • Nowadays, Rivierenwijk is known for its great diversity with houses, shops, businesses and public facilities.

Construction years

Age distribution