Valuation of your house or commercial building

There are various situations in which a valuation is appropriate or required. Think about (re)financing, a divorce or certain requirements from the tax authorities. Lauteslager Makelaars, has many years of experience in assessing houses and commercial buildings in and around Utrecht for various reasons.

We have 6 sworn and certified appraisers who expertly determine the correct value of your home or business space, taking into account all important factors such as location, content, floor space and state of maintenance.

Our appraisers are authorized to perform various types of appraisals for both private and business clients. A validated report from the NWWI is the most common and is generally required for (re) financing or buying and selling. In addition, Lauteslager Makelaars is one of the few offices in Utrecht authorized to draw up valuation reports for Rabobank, the NIBC and the RNHB. This relates in particular to investment properties intended for rental and business premises.

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