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Lauteslager is involved in new housing projects since 1980. Because of our many years of experience, we are often asked by various parties for projects in and around Utrecht. We know like no one else, that it is of great importance that a project is put in the market the best possible way and this already begins with the first design. That is also the moment when we would like to be involved. Because of our experience, by working together with a developer, builder and cooperation before, we know what it takes to supervise a project right from the start.


We know what goes on, in the market in Utrecht and surrounding area. Where the supply and the opportunities are. We also look closely at the trends of the moment, but we also look at the future we. We know what motivates a target group and where the needs are on the demand side. Enthusiastic as we are for this sector, we provide both oral and written advice and supervise projects from the beginning to a successful ending.


We are very good at thinking along about marketing and optimum 'branding' of a project. Creating opportunities and proposing ideas that lead to concrete results. Both online and offline. Client-focused and innovative, partly because of a broad interest in the application of social media and new types of client-relations and partnerships. And, of course, we are also there for buyers and tenants, with our extensive market knowledge and thorough background. During the sales and lease process, but also in the aftersales. In any case: all the work we do can also be done tailor-made, nothing is too crazy, we are used to switch immediately if necessary. And last but not least: we are way past being traditional estate agents!

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 VLNR: Rob van Loenen, Kim Eijgenhuijsen, Jan Vrijhof and Eric Anker


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