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Atmosphere and specifics

  • Pijlsweerd is a sub-neighbourhood of Utrecht-Noordwest and is made up of Pijlsweerd-Noord and Pijlsweerd-Zuid.
  • The neighbourhood mostly consists of small, pre-war estate housing and old stately houses.
  • The neighbourhood was constructed on the grounds of what was once the Bethlehem monastery.
  • Pijlsweerd was traditionally an area with lots of gardeners and growers. Street names such as Hoveniersstraat and Warmoesstraat still remind of that.
  • Zijdebalen was a Dutch silk factory and outpost situated in the neighbourhood, next to the Vecht. This once famous factory was situated outside Weerdpoort and Bemuurde Weerd.
  • From mid 2016, the former grounds of the factory has been in development. About 500 houses have been planned including the return of the Westerstroom.
  • The Noordse Park is one of the highlights of the neighbourhood. The past years, residents have worked hard to renovate the park. The Noordse Park is quite large, with a hill and a playground.

Construction years

Age distribution