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Atmosphere and specifics

  • Tuindorp is made up of 3 parts:
  • Tuindorp Oost: this area came about in 1960 and is characterised by large family homes and apartments. Very child-friendly. At the heart is shopping centre De Gaard.
  • Tuindorp: this area is characterised by a compact outline of 1930s family homes with lots of space for greenery. The houses are mostly situated along long lanes and all have a front and back garden with rear entrance in a typical 1930s style. This style is recognisable by its large gutter coverings, round window frames and often verstekken, de ronde kozijnen en de vaak lavish front doors.
  • Tuindorp West: built late 1980s and a mixture of family houses and apartments, new houses will be built in the Van Lieflandlaan area.
  • Has its own train station.
  • 3 good schools and plenty of after-school care and daycare centres.
  • Lauteslager Makelaars has a local estate agent in this neighbourhood, who doesn't know him?
  • Shopping centre "De Gaard" is completely redeveloped in 2017/2018 with more shops, parking facilities and greenery.
  • Garden courtyard "Blauwkapel", a small area with 60 new houses on the grounds of the Gerrit Rietveld College, on Tuindorp.
  • Kastanjetuin: 18 new and luxurious apartments between Dr. Magnuslaan and the railway track.

Construction years

Age distribution